• Car won't start, error code P0A0D - check the orange service plug, make sure it is not only turning 90 degrees but also clicking-in as the last step, failing to do so will result in error code and require a disconnect of the 12v battery for 3 minutes to reset the computer.


  • P0A80 code persists after swapping with lithium battery pack - it will take 50-100 miles of driving to reset the permanent P0A80 code.


  • The special blade has no voltage - To measure the voltage on special blade, use a copper busbar to connect the far side of the special blade terminal studs to simulate the service plug connection and complete the circuit, then the voltage can be measured like any other blade.


  • The energy bar shows battery full bar and 30 seconds later drop to 0 bar, it happens repeatedly, eventually error code and triangle of death - It means the car has a mechanical brake issue/failure and the computer try to use excessive regenerative braking to slows down the car, this excessive regenerative energy will slowly charge up the lithium pack to full and cause damage to the battery and error code. Stop driving the car and fix the brake system and discharge the lithium pack by idling the car and wait for SOC to drop to 40%, then disconnect 12v battery for 5 minutes to reset SOC back to 60, repeat it 3 times to get the lithium pack back to normal operating range.


  • Triangle of death with error code, car in limp mode, check hybrid system light on - You might have a blade failure, take a look at this video to identify the problem blade, contact for assistance.