Q: What is the MPG gain?

A: It depends on how you drive the car, if you mostly driving highway then you should know it is mostly engine doing the work and MPG gain will be minimum.
However if you drive mostly local, the MPG gain could range from 4~12 US MPG depends on how good you are with regenerative braking and throttle control. Please check out our EV range test videos to find out the maximum potential.


Q: Can Nexcell lithium improve my 0~60 time?

A: Yes, unlike NiMH, lithium will be able to provide electric motor with more than 10 seconds of peak power at full throttle therefore improve the 0~60 time.


Q: Can Nexcell lithium turn my Prius into Tesla fast?

A: No, even with Lithium, it is still Prius slow.


Q: What is your motivation to create and fund this project?

A: It all started with the triangle of death on my Prius 6 years ago. We started looking and researching for a more affordable solution that would not only be a battery replacement, but also serve as an upgrade for my Prius. 

   We started testing with different lithium chemistry: Lithium Titanate Li4Ti5O12, Lithium Cobalt Oxide LiCoO2, Lithium Manganese Oxide LiMn2O4, Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide LiNiMnCoO2...etc. Quickly we realized that normal Lithium chemistry cells do not meet the safety criteria,  are not cost effective and can not meet the longevity demands compared to a Prius standard NimH battery. The only way to accomplish my goal is to use high power LiFePO4 cell. We traveled around the world and visited many trade shows in hopes of locating a good source and discovered a company named Nexcell. Nexcell exhibited and proved to have all the knowledge and experience to meet my requirements with the skill/know-how to put our ideas into motion. We also created the Dr. Prius App (iOS and Google Play stores) during this difficult time to monitor the battery during all the extensive testing phases and as it turns out, the App became the main source of funding towards this entire battery project. We can say this is just like a crowdfunding project but on a different level. 


Q: Why should I pick Nexcell Lithium over stock NiMH from Toyota?

A: For us it's an easy answer as we have been testing the Lithium pack for the past few years and experience first hand the benefit from better MPG, better acceleration and never running out of charge at the hill again. If you reach out to any of our beta testers on social media, you will learn that they share the exact same experience as we do. Also, our retail and wholesale price are both lower than what Toyota can offer. We don't see any reason you shouldn't switch except that NiMH has been there for 23 years with good track record, only time can tell the difference on that.


Q: Can I mix Nexcell lithium battery blade with stock NiMH battery?

A: No you can't mix Lithium with NiMH, Lithium has higher nominal voltage and different voltage curve.


Q: What safety testing and certifications does your product have? 

A: CE, IEC, UN38.3. more than 12 prototypes are currently testing all around the world in extreme conditions and weather/temperature variances. Some testers race their Prius, some power their home with their Prius. For more detailed information, please visit  PriusChat.com


Q: I want to learn more and find out more about this Lithium solution.

A: There has been years of extensive testing and research which is the backbone to the quality of a battery product that I am proud to bring to everyone.  Below are a few links to very active forum discussions that contribute to the final product. Please feel free to take a look and join in on the conversation:






Q: Why did you choose the name Nexcell Battery?

A: We actually discovered the Nexcell company attending a German battery trade show 4 years ago and they have been very helpful throughout this journey.  They also align with my mission - Producing an affordable lithium solution, and with the joined team effort in using their name to further lower the cost. This savings in turn translates to our customers.


Q: Will the Nexcell Lithium pack becomes even cheaper?

A: Yes, with Lithium price continue to drop, we will reflect the saving to the customers, we already beat both Toyota's retail and wholesale price.


Q: How easy it is to swap the old pack with lithium pack?

A: If the user has experienced working on car, then it should be a couple of hours of project, if the user doesn't have experience nor tool working on car, then please seek help from repair shop or someone that has done this before. Checkout YouTube videos by searching keyword "Prius battery repair" to find out if this is the job for you.


Q: What is the technical specification of the battery?


Prius pack capacity (14 blades): 1.456 kWh
blade capacity: 6500+ mAh
usable capacity: 5200+ mAh (80% compare to NiMH at 40%)
blade nominal voltage: 16v
blade voltage range: 14v ~ 18.25v
Max discharge power (< 30sec): 35C or 227.5 Amp
Max discharge power (< 3sec): 40C or 260 Amp
storage temperature (1 month): -20C ~ +45C
storage temperature (3 month): -10C ~ +45C
Recommend storage temperature: +15C ~ +35C
product weight: 1100g (compare to NiMH at 2070g)

Above result were obtained in the following condition:
Temperature: 15~35C
Relative Humidity: 45~85% RH
Atmospheric Pressure: 86~1066 KPa