How to: install Nexcell lithium battery

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Things to know before we begin:

  1. Do not mix Lithium battery with NiMH battery.
  2. Identify and locate a special blade that has terminals on both sides. This is the battery blade for connecting to the orange service plug, voltage can be measured by connecting the far side of the special blade with a copper busbar to simulate the service plug connection.
  3. 'CAUTION' Do not short circuit the positive and negative terminals. DISCLAIMER: Damaged cell or cells due to short circuit or install/user error is not covered by warranty.
  4. Clean the green corrosion (if any) from the factory copper connectors.
  5. Inspect the battery ECU connector and make sure no corrosion or black pin can be found, battery blade discharge due to corroded ECU is not covered by warranty.
  6. Clean the cooling fan blades at this time during your install process.


Tools you will need to start the battery swap:

  1. 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm socket wrench (a good power tool will save you time, but be careful with over torque with power tool)
  2. Pry tool to remove black plastic plug
  3. Voltmeter


Installation Guide:

  1. Remove all trunk panels and black plastic tray.
  2. Unplug the 12v battery and orange service plug FIRST. This is to protect your safety as well as reset error code(s) and reset SOC (state of charge) to 60%.
  3. Take out/remove the back seat, take out/remove the interior panel trims and remove all metal shields/covering to the battery pack.
  4. Disconnect the 3 white connectors to the battery ECU and disconnect the orange battery power cable.
  5. Take out the entire battery container and place it on a steady table. (Warning: The Factory battery is heavy at this point, around 70~80 lbs.).
  6. Remove copper bus bar on both sides by taking out all 8mm bolts.
  7. Remove all bolts from the bottom of the blades that hold them in place.
  8. Carefully remove all the stock blades and store them in a safe place.
  9. Brand new lithium blades should be ready to install right out of box; however, it is recommended to do a quick check with volt meter to make sure all blades have the same voltage (tolerance 0.05 delta volt)
  10. Install the lithium blades into the container and install m8 bolts at the bottom to secure all blades.
  11. Note: You do not need one side of the copper bus bar as they are now internally connected.
  12. Note: You do not need all the rubber vent tubes as lithium does not vent toxic fumes.
  13. Install the remaining bus bar to the lithium blades. Bolts should be torque to 3 ft-lb (do not exceed 4 ft-lb as it could create internal damage)
  14. Put battery container back into the car.
  15. Connect the orange power cable as well as the 3 white ECU connectors.
  16. Plug the orange service plug back in and make sure you not only turn the handle 90 degrees, but also push and click the handle in place. Next, connect the 12v battery (Warning: car alarm may sound, prepare to disarm).
  17. Before installing all bolts and panels back into the vehicle, test start the car to insure there are no error codes. (P0A80 error code require you to drive 100 miles to reset)
  18. Turn off the car and install all bolts and panels back in place in the reversed order as removed.
  19. Drive the car gracefully for the first 100 miles to break in the new battery.
  20. Congratulations! Now enjoy improved fuel economy, better acceleration and increased EV range!


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