How to: replace one or multiple Nexcell blades

How to Replace one or multiple blades (mixing new and old blades)

  1. Connecting all blades in parallel with the equalizer cable for at least 24 hours. Please do not remove the orange service plug as it will isolate the special blade and special blade will not get balanced.
  2. While equalizing the voltage, make sure blade voltage is at around 15.0v for best result, to discharge the blade to 15.0v, connect RC charger to equalizer cable and discharge all blades at once to 15.0v (will take hours)
  3. After installing battery pack, run the Dr. Prius App while driving and make sure "voltage diff" does not exceed 1.0v at any given time. If voltage diff exceeds 1.0v, park the car immediately and repeat step 2 and step 3.

NOTE: Difference in new and old blade capacity should not exceed 300mAh. To determine the true capacity, check out this link


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