How to: measure true capacity of the blade

How to measure the blade's true capacity:

Guide on YouTube:
Measure Lithium true capacity using RC charger

The following steps are reserved for people with extensive knowledge in handling lithium battery (experience with how voltage balance works).

  1. Use only reputable RC charger to measure the capacity of the blade. Example: iCharger (recommended)
  2. Carefully unscrew and use a pocket knife to cut the top cover at the visible gap and carefully pry open the cover.
  3. Find the balance board and use small angled needle nose pliers to release the clip at the bottom of the connector. Unplug the balance cable from the balance circuit board.
  4. Connect the balance cable a reputable RC charger balance board, set the charger to LiFePO4 mode. Set the charge and discharge power at 6.5Ah, lower voltage cutoff to 2.8v and upper voltage cut off to 3.6v.
  5. Perform a full battery cycle (charge to full -> deplete to empty) to find out the true capacity, important: write down the true capacity as well as how much energy it took to charge the battery to full.
  6. Before re-installing the battery back in, charge the battery back to its original state, The original state can be calculated by “true capacity” – “energy it took to charge the battery to full”.

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