Exclusive NiMH Recycling Program for NexPower customer

Hi everyone!

It is with great pleasure to announce our NiMH battery recycle program with Professor Joseph at 2nd Life Battery LLC. 2nd Life Battery LLC is a Eco-friendly company offering high quality refurbished Hybrid batteries. Joseph is doing great work at his local college to educate the next generation about the future of electric and hybrid car technology. It is also a family owned and operated business running from an off-the-grid property located in beautiful central Oregon, just 30 miles East of Bend Oregon.

As a current Nexcell customer, you will have the exclusive opportunity to participate in this recycle program and receive up to $200USD with your old NiMH pack trade in. Simply provide your Nexcell order number, pack your old NiMH with the lithium boxes your Nexcell arrived in and contact 2nd Life Battery LLC for shipping arrangements/details.



or text/call:


For more details, please visit:


Sincerely yours,

Jack C.